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Title: The Value and Impact of Respect on Construction Projects Relationships and Performance
Authors: Ibaid, Yousef Soleiman Dar
Keywords: business relationships
work performance
human rights
code of conducts
business ethics
construction industry
project management
Issue Date: Jul-2015
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: Organizations, experts and practitioners have increasingly become more interested in and convinced of outsourcing and partnering strategies for many activities in their projects and business. Besides, they have become more dependent on other suppliers and contractors in executing and handing over their projects. Hence, more focus and attention have been given to articulate and maintain effective relationships between organizations in the projects for higher levels of success and stakeholders’ satisfaction. This research asserts the crucial role and the great value of respect in articulating effective relationships between the project parties in the construction industry, in general, and in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) works, specifically. It aims at studying the direct relation between presenting and practicing respectful relationships with the other parties in the projects and the levels of work performance and projects success. In addition, this research aims at bridging the gap between the profitable and the ethical trends within the construction industry towards win-win, effective and respectful relationships that combine high levels of business success with high levels of human rights and dignity. The researcher, in this paper, discusses many meanings, elements, aspects of respect that clients, owners, contractors, suppliers and subcontractors should keen to practice during their relationships in the projects to help in and facilitate achieving their needs and requirements with the maximum levels of integration, collaboration, benefits and satisfaction and minimum levels of conflicts, disputes and risks. Moreover, this research asserts the great value of respect in initiating and articulating effective relationships and approaches between the project parties for better work performance and professionalism, in addition to promoting the level of compliance with human rights, values and dignity.
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