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Title: Combined Armature And Field Voltage Control Of DC Motor
Authors: Alshehhi, Khalid Mohamed Ali Tahsoun
Keywords: control system
inverse Nyquist array
optimal control
multivariable feedback
Issue Date: Dec-2014
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: In this research work a multivariable feedback control system for the separately excited DC motor is presented. The control inputs are the motor armature and the motor field voltages, while the controlled outputs are the motor angular speed and the motor field current. Three different multivariable control systems were designed and compared. The first control system uses the new advances in the multivariable control theory, namely, the least effort controller, developed by Whalley, R. and Ebrahimi, M. The performance of the system with this controller is compared with the performance of the system with other two controllers. One from the classical control school, using the Inverse Nyquist Array approach, and the other from the modern control school, using the Optimal Control approach. The comparison between the three types of controllers includes the general control performance, suitability and applicability, disturbance recovery capability and the energy consumed by the control system itself. This work concludes that the new least effort control technique provides the simplest controller with superior performance and disturbance recovery capability. This should promote the implementation of this new type of controllers for general multivariable applications.
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