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Title: Leadership in Crisis in Dubai Organizations
Authors: Al Ali, Ali Saleh
Keywords: leadership
Dubai organizations
financial crisis
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Issue Date: Apr-2011
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: The recent financial crisis was one of the topics been concerned and discussed everywhere in media, press and people talk. The talk about its impact was more than its causes. UAE in general and Dubai in particular is one of the cities that got effected by this crisis as its economic wheel was booming in an unexpected rate in different sectors such as investments and real estate. The aim of this research is to explore the impact of such crisis on the Dubai public and private organizations and their management, how the management responded to the crisis, investigate the relation between the adaptation of leadership style and crisis and consequently the influence on the team performance. To carry out with the research a conceptual framework was developed based on the literature review. The research method used is quantitative approach where questionnaire were distributed to the sample selected from private and public sector in Dubai working in different industrial sectors. Frequency, reliability, correlation and regression tools were used through SPSS as quantitative analysis tool. The resulted data of these tests were analysed and discussed and helped to draw the conclusion and provide recommendation to Dubai public and private organizations. One of the most important recommendations made was that organizations should not devalue the leadership development programs particularly in crisis where it is most demanded.
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