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Title: An overview of Information and Computer Technology Ethics in the United Arab Emirates
Authors: Taliah, Mohamed Rashid Bin
Keywords: information and computer technology
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
decision making
employment sector
Issue Date: Apr-2009
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: The UAE as a young and quickly rising nation has undergone a fast transformation in a relatively short span of time into a financial, industrial, tourist and strategic hub of the region. With the increasing significance of information and computer technology and the associated risks, it is important to gain insight into both the ethical environment as a whole, and specifically where it applies to information and computer technology. The objective of this paper is to discern the ethical strengths, weaknesses and areas of concern in the UAE employment market as a whole, covering the private and public sectors and contrasting them to evaluate their separate development paths. This applies to the ethical environment as a whole, but specifically to the field of ICT ethics which is the main focus of this document. This study briefly covers several models of ethical behaviour and decision making in order construct a suitable model for the evaluation of the ethical environment in the UAE workplace. The model thus derived is used in the design of a questionnaire which was distributed to a broad sampling of the UAE employment sector. The results of this survey showed a better awareness and implementation of computer ethics in the private sector than in the public sector. The survey several areas of weakness, and makes recommendations for improving the ethical environment through awareness, education, enforcement, and the fair and equitable treatment of employees where it comes to computer ethics issues.
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