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Title: A research on knowledge management Key Performance Indicators and its effect on employee behaviour to share knowledge and the impact on organization performance in organization in the UAE
Authors: Bahlooq, Ali Abdulla Ahmad
Keywords: knowledge management
Key Performance Indicators
employee behaviour
knowledge sharing
organization performance
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Issue Date:  3
Publisher: British University in Dubai
Abstract: Knowledge management system is a powerful management tool which enables organization to manage intellectual assets in the best possible way; people are the creators of knowledge and the ones responsible for sharing it within the organization. The purpose of my research is to examine the effect of implementing a Knowledge management (KM) key performance indicators (KPI) on influencing employee behaviour to share knowledge and it affect on organization performance. The research methodology is a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches were survey was conducted to five organizations in the UAE, the data collection consisted of interviews with strategy makers and a questionnaire to employees in those five organization. The research findings show, the majority of employees in five organizations have a positive perception towards knowledge management and its effect on organization performance. Moreover the conducted interviews indicated that one organization had successfully implemented a full scale KMS and in process of implementing KM KPI’s for their employees, the rest of the organization have implemented some KM initiatives and have seen a slight improvement in team performance . This is one of the first papers in the UAE which indicates the benefits of incorporating KPI’s in KM and showing the factors influencing employee behaviour to share knowledge and the effect on organization performance.
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