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Title: Leading Culturally Diversie teams in the United Arab Emirates
Authors: AbdelHakim, Muna
Keywords: Culturally Diversie teams
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
business environments
team management
Issue Date:  11
Publisher: British University in Dubai
Abstract: In the globalisation era, cultural diversity in business environments has increased dramatically. A number of researchers have been studying this concept, trying to devise different cultural frameworks for both leaders and team members to work effectively. The purpose of this research is to enhance the performance of culturally diverse teams. This is approached by attempting to improve the leadership in these contexts. The research process used mixed qualitative and quantitative research methods to attain comprehensive results. It includes a review of the current literature, followed by three case studies which involve surveys, interviews, and observations. The major findings indicate that there is no unique successful leadership model to be followed in the multinational settings. However, emotional intelligence is seen as a significant quality for effectual multicultural team management. Moreover, a set of actions are suggested to effectively manage culturally diverse teams. Due to the time limitations of this research, a list of related research topics is suggested for future research.
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