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Title: An Exploratory Case Study Reviewing the Gifted and Talented Policy and its Effectiveness amongst the Students in Secondary School
Authors: Shaikh, Sana
Keywords: gifted and talented
International Baccalaureate
SEM model
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Issue Date: Oct-2020
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUID)
Abstract: The current research study explored a case study on an IB private school in Dubai. The aim of the study was to determine the effectiveness of the Gifted and Talented policy in meeting the needs of the students in school. All the chapters will provide a detailed analysis of the entire topic.Chapter-1 is considered as an important part of the research study as it provides aim, objective and the research question that will be used to formulate the entire research study. Looking into Chapter-2 theories and conceptual models will provide an essential framework to execute the research study with other relevant topics that will be discussed further to support the analysis and discussion. The research undertook the research onion of Saunders as a guideline to explore Chapter-3 and undertook mixed research method and interpretive paradigm to conduct the research. Chapter-4 and 5 analyzed and discussed the research topic in question and explored the inferences that the policy is effective in meeting the needs of the students to certain extent but still needs improvement on the strategies and provisions as per students’ needs in and outside the classroom. Furthermore, the research objective have been linked to the findings providing recommendations to improve current practices at school.
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