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Title: The Impact of Authentic Leadership on Staff Engagement: A Study Conducted in Private Schools in Dubai
Keywords: leadership
private schools
staff performance
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
staff engagement
school curriculum
Issue Date: Oct-2019
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: This study aims to identify the role of authentic leadership in driving staff performance in the UAE, with a specific context to Dubai schools. The study has some crucial objectives involving the investigation of the significance of authentic leadership in the educational context and also examines the interrelationship between authentic leadership and staff engagement. The study also seeks to analyse the impact of authentic leadership on staff engagement regarding Dubai schools and explore the key benefits and challenges of adopting authentic leadership on staff engagement as experienced by the head teachers in Dubai schools. In this way, the study directs to determine suitable and relevant measures to enhance the effectiveness of the authentic leadership in Dubai schools. To address these objectives, the study has utilized quantitative methodology and collected the study data with the help of survey data collection method. A sample size of head-teachers and teachers from across 4 private schools in Dubai has been selected considering the scope and nature of this study topic. The data gathered was analysed with the help of graphical data analysis method. The study concluded that authentic leadership plays a crucial role in increasing staff engagement in schools in Dubai. The study has also concluded that there is a need for effective measures such as the school leaders need to be a part of the leadership training program so that they can develop self-awareness among staff members and practice collecting regular feedbacks of school staffs in the development of school curriculum and thereby, improve staff engagement in Dubai schools and this will have both direct and indirect impact on improving the learning process in General.
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