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Title: The UAE High School Students’ Conceptions of the Nature of Science (NOS)
Authors: Al-Bouti, Eman
Keywords: Nature of Science (NOS)
Scientific Inquiry
Scientific theory
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: Recently, science education has become an essential subject for all countries. Providing an appropriate science education affects students’ conceptions of the Nature of Science (NOS). Participants in this study included 100 students from one secondary private American school in Al Ain; both girls and boys from different grades and with different nationalities were involved in the research. This study investigated the students’ conceptions of the NOS. The research study followed a mixed qualitative and quantitative approach. A questionnaire was used to collect data, in both quantitative and qualitative formats. Data was analysed statistically using SPSS. The results of the statistical analysis of the questionnaire revealed the positive conception of students toward the NOS in general and toward scientific theory, scientific knowledge, scientific activities, and scientific inquiry in particular. The study concluded that most of the secondary school students have appropriate conceptions of the NOS in relation to the context of their science learning.
ISSN: 2616 6828
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