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Title: A Study on Success Factors and Success Criteria in Fit-out Projects in the UAE
Authors: Sheikhah, Saad M. A. Abu
Keywords: project success
success criteria
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
project managers
project management
stakeholders satisfaction
strategic project management
Issue Date: May-2014
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: In a highly dynamic and competitive environment, the concept of project success has become broader that needs the inclusion of success factors (SFs) and success criteria (SC) related to organisation’s long term strategic objectives. Aiming to address this particular issue for the fit-out industry in the UAE, this dissertation has been undertaken to identify the significant SFs and SC from the perspectives of client, contractor and consultant project managers within this industry. To achieve the aim of this research, 32 SFs and 25 SC were identified and segmented into project management success group and project success group. A total of 120 self-administered questionnaire surveys were distributed, out of which 101 were received from project managers from the 3 targeted practice areas. Based on the analysis of the data collected from the respondents, the perception about the importance of SFs and criteria among the project managers in the 3 practice areas were examined. In addition, ranking on these factors and criteria according to their relative importance was carried out within each practice area. The findings of this research entail that there were no differences in perception between project managers in the 3 practice areas with respect to the perceived importance of all variables except for monitoring from the project management SFs group, and for clear project objectives, projectised organisation structure and both client and contractor experience from the project SFs group. In addition, there were no differences in perception between these practice groups about the perceived importance of all SC except for satisfaction of stakeholders with the project management process from the project management SC group, and for consultant, contractor and other stakeholders satisfaction with the project deliverables from the project SC group. Moreover, ranking of variables according to their relevant importance varied across the 3 practice groups, however it was noted that the SFs and SC relevant to the strategic long term objectives were middle ranked across the 3 practice areas which indicates that there seems to be a lack of emphasis on the implementation of strategic project management practice for the fit-out industry in the UAE, an area that organisations in these practice areas should emphasis on.
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