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Title: An examination of the influence of “role” in joint Military / Civilian Decision Making
Keywords: joint military
civilian decision making
Issue Date: Aug-2017
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: Decision that people take depends on various factors. This research aims to identify whether or not decisions taken by people are influenced by demographic factors such as age, project role, culture, gender, religion, and strategic intelligence. In addition, research also aims to understand how decisions taken by civilian differ from decisions taken by military personnel in the same situation. For determining the relationship between decision making and demographic factors six hypotheses were framed. ANOVA testing was done to test the hypotheses. For determining the differences in decision taken by civilian and military personnel survey was done. The result showed that military personnel make decisions by consulting their senior officials while civilian does not taken decision by consulting others. Military personnel hardly postpone any decision while the civilians have the tendency to postpone the decision until the last moment. Military personnel are very quick in taking the decisions and they take less time in reaching to a final decision. Also, military personnel do not take much time to double check the information source because they have to take instant decisions while civilians have a tendency to double check the information due to availability of time and loopholes in the system. The result of hypotheses testing showed that none of the demographic factor has any influence on decision making. This findings is different from what has been observed in previous research studies. One of the major limitation of the study is that it only uses quantitative approach. Use of qualitative research would have provided better understanding of reason behind the relationship identified.
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