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Title: A Framework for Post-Disaster Reconstruction Planning A Case Study of Aleppo-SYRIA
Authors: Nanaa, Yumn Mohammed Adib
Keywords: post-disaster reconstruction planning
destructed built environment
Issue Date: Sep-2017
Publisher: The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Abstract: Disasters occur around the globe leaving casualties in lives and a destructed built environment. But human made targeted destruction is far worse as it can leave one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world: Aleppo, in a state where it is the most destructed city in this century. Considering all aspects of reconstruction is the due diligence of architects and planners, to assist the people to return to normality and the society to stabilize again. The study looked at similar previous situations in a literature review to analyze the weak and strong points of each case. Mega destruction the scale of Aleppo has occurred in Germany, Japan, Korea, and Lebanon. From each of these cases lessons were learnt and projected to the situation in Syria currently, to develop a framework to start the reconstruction process. Assessment of the situation in Aleppo was made through several analyzed satellite imagery, where the destruction was classified into 3 major categories. Based on all of this data a framework was developed by the author, then assessed by experts in the field, through a survey and semi-constructed interviews: open ended questions, where each expert contributed in the way that related to his field of PDR. The main highlights of the framework are: data and assessment, decentralization and independent reconstruction council, potential donors and funding, recycling disaster waste, infrastructure recovery, urban areas, rural areas, considerations of temporary shelters for returnees, considerations for the historic old city, and building back better. The framework was rectified to include the suggestions by experts, and be close to an applicable strategy to actual reconstruction of Aleppo.
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