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    The Knowledge-Evolving Project: Fundamentals to a Complete Project Knowledge Management Discipline
    (Springer Link, 2023) Dabbour, Ghassan
    This paper establishes a knowledge management doctrine unique to the field of project management. The paper investigates and expands on the theoretical frameworks and practices of organisational knowledge management – which is the dominate doctrine in the discipline of knowledge management – to deduce a theory and a practice of project knowledge management that is distinctive from other knowledge management fields. It is discovered that the knowledge dynamics at the foundational level of project knowledge management is a symmetrical transposition of that of organisational knowledge management. Thus, the Knowledge-Evolving Project doctrine is established as the inverse of the Knowledge-Creating Company. Exploring a knowledge management discipline distinctive to project management inevitably leads to new insights that are potentially significant to managing knowledge in projects in particular and to knowledge management discipline in general. Most of the current literature on project knowledge management is almost indistinguishable from organisational knowledge management. The very same theoretical and empirical concepts and ideas are applied interchangeably in both management fields. This paper takes the rare step of creating a new theory and practice of project knowledge management such that it is distinctive from other knowledge management fields.
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    The Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on the Nifty Auto Index
    (Springer Link, 2023) Alexander, Rhoda; Al-Malkawi, Husam Aldin
    The aim of the paper is to investigate the association between selected macroeconomic variables like crude price, exchange rate, index of industrial production, inflation, interest rate, repo rate, gold price and the auto index of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India during a time when the automotive sector in India witnessed the sharpest dip in sales. The study adopts Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) co-integration approach and performs suitable diagnostic tests. Results indicate that, exchange rate has a significant negative relationship with Nifty auto index in the long run. Additionally, crude price, index of industrial production and repo rates are statistically significant determinants of Nifty auto index. On the contrary, first lag of crude price is found to be a possible predictor of the index in the short run. The study provides important implications for researchers, corporations, portfolio managers, investors, and government. Despite the availability of a large body of literature exploring the association between macro-economic factors and stock market in India, research exploring the association between the former and Indian auto indices has been sparse. Hence, this study is intended to fill this gap in the literature.
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    Ensuring the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s Connectivity Requirements in the UAE
    (Springer Link, 2023) Alawadhi, Khalid; Almarri, Khalid
    The international community has recognized the critical role of information and communication technology (ICT) in the advancement of humanity. ICT is a critical component of each of the United Nations’ (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (ITU 2021). Nonetheless, 48% of the world’s population remains unconnected to the internet (Henri 2020, p. 2), resulting in what is referred to as the digital divide. The information and communications technology industry is making strenuous efforts to provide diverse connectivity options in metropolitan areas. However, little effort is being taken to guarantee that underserved markets are connected (Sheikh and Halima 2020). In the UAE, we identify underserved markets and classify them as rural villages, remote agricultural/industrial areas, and vehicles in motion. By examining the present ICT market, we can discover a possible solution to this problem through the use of cutting-edge satellite communications technology. Numerous initiatives involving the use of Non-Geostationary Orbit (NGSO) satellites to deliver broadband access began to emerge. The primary benefit of NGSO satellites over Geostationary Orbit (GSO) satellites is their proximity to the Earth’s surface (NGSO is approximately 2000 km above sea level, while GSO is at an elevation of around 36,000 km above sea level). The objective is to perform market research and analyze the connectivity solutions available today. Finally, we will be able to choose the option that is expected to resolve the issue.
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    Enhancing Products Delivery Through the Application of Innovative Operating Model Based on Hybrid Agile Delivery Method: Case Information Communication Technologies “ICT” Service Providers
    (Springer Link, 2023) Al Jabri, Madhad Ali Said
    Purpose: the purpose of this study is to find out a cutting-edge innovative solution for enhancing ICT products delivery and proposing an implementation plan with transformation recommendations aiming higher success rate. Methodology: This qualitative study is done through intensive literature review followed by qualitative analysis and selection of best product delivery method using cost benefit analysis and previous successful implementations benchmark. A proposed delivery operating model was also recommended accordingly. Findings: Based on the problem analysis and subsequent literature review, the existing delivery methodologies of ICT services providers are not fully sufficient to cater for high complex products delivery which require high integration and customer centricity. Hence, a hybrid delivery method is recommended based on previous success stories of 5 major companies with a proposed transformative operating model (framework) including a transformation plan and implementation recommendations. Implications: Information Communication Technologies services providers can benefit from the proposed hybrid product development approach and the suggested operating model as key differentiator for agility, customer centricity, and improved time to market. It enhances collaboration, innovation, culture, and Employee Engagement. Originality/value: Previous literature has extensively explored projects delivery models in various industries where there was minimum focus on ICT industry. This paper uncovers and contribute positively in proposing a successful hybrid agile delivery method with a transformative operating model to support higher success rate in ICT Industry to assure high-value creation, maximize return on investments with high net present value.
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    Successful Practices of Leadership on School Improvement: A Case Study in a Private School in Dubai
    (Springer Link, 2023) Abouelanein, Ahmed ElSayed; Hossni, Mohamed
    This paper aimed to investigate successful practices of school leadership that lead to school improvement. To achieve this, the paper adopted the mixed-method approach and utilized two instruments: The first instrument is teachers’ and leadership members’ perceptions of school improvement questionnaire to collect quantitative data, the second instrument is a semi-structured interview with the school principal for the qualitative data. The analysis of both collected data led to a conclusion that school principal careful and professional practices have a significant impact on the overall school improvement. These practices include parents’ engagement, curriculum reform, teachers’ well-being, and professional development for both teachers and leadership members. This case study is an evidence-based guideline for educators and decision makers seeking quality education in their personalized- context learning community.
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    Educating Learners with SEND in One Private Mainstream School in Dubai: Effectiveness and Challenges of Policy Implementation
    (Springer Link, 2023) Badawieh, Muntaha; Abukari, Abdulai; Gaad, Eman
    This study investigates the SEND policy implementation in one private school in Dubai. It highlights whether the school’s teachers and support staff adopted and effectively implemented the SEND inclusion policy. The investigation process focuses on three areas which are curriculum modifications, Assessment differentiation, and teacher’s professional development. A qualitative research study of semi-structured interviews has been conducted to investigate the effectiveness and challenges of SEND policy implementation; for this purpose, interviews were conducted with the school’s teachers for data analysis; the researcher has decided to use the qualitative approach because it shows a subjective evaluation of beliefs, behaviour, and attitudes, the total number of participants were two subject teachers and one school principal. This study investigated all the significant aspects, and the overall result was conducted to provide the proper recommendations. The qualitative study findings indicate that the school policy implementation is very effective, and teachers’ awareness of the inclusion policy is appropriate. Nevertheless, they face difficulties in accommodating students’ needs in the classroom due to the massive number of students in each classroom. Also, it showed that the inclusion support team acts as a backbone in supporting the teachers through the weekly meetings, which help them modify the curriculum and accommodate the assessment for their students. In terms of challenges, the school has few numbers of inclusion support teachers; therefore, it leads to some challenges teachers face when implementing the policy.
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    The Role of Lexical Cohesion in Improving Twelfth Graders’ Essay Writing Quality
    (Springer Link, 2023) Khalil, Abdelhamid A.; Abu-Ayyash, Emad A. S.; Salhieh, Sa’Ed M. I.
    The current study was conducted to examine the role of lexical cohesion in improving the quality of twelfth graders’ essay writing. The study specifically aimed at examining the correlation between lexical cohesive devices (LCD) and the quality of written texts as well as investigating the barriers of employing these devices for twelfth graders. The context was a private American curriculum school in the UAE. The present paper adopted the quantitative correlational and the quantitative survey research approaches. Data were collected using document analysis of 30 twelfth graders’ essays and an online survey attempted by 113 English teachers. Data were analysed using correlational statistics, multiple linear regression, and exploratory factor analysis. The results indicated that there was a significantly positive, moderate association between cohesive ties and students’ essay scores. The results also demonstrated that there was a significantly linear relation between hyponyms and synonyms and students’ writing scores although hyponyms had more effect on the writing score than synonyms. The findings of exploratory factor analysis identified three factors as major barriers encountered by learners while using lexical cohesion in their written texts including (1) lack of resources and instructions, (2) impact of L1 interference and (3) limited lexical awareness.
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    Critical Thinking Skills Profile of High School Students in AP Chemistry Learning
    (Springer Link, 2023) Raslan, Gilan
    From classrooms to workplaces, educators and policy makers have emphasized the necessity of graduating students who are strong critical thinkers for nearly 50 years and more (Forawi 2016). Critical thinking skills are a vital pillar skill to tackle the challenges of the twenty-first century. Critical thinking is defined as a set of fundamental skills that must be mastered before one may progress to more complicated thinking. Aiming to obtain more insight into the aspects of critical thinking, the present study particularly examines quantitively the critical thinking skills level of grade 12 students in a scientific learning context. Over a 35-min test, based on Danczak DOT criteria, data was collected and analyzed. The study’s findings revealed that the students’ critical thinking abilities are in medium range. However, other implications regarding curriculum modifications, educational teaching strategies and teachers’ readiness are needed to foster students’ critical thinking skills.
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    Moving from the Subject-Based Curriculum to the Skills-Based Curriculum in Abu Dhabi Schools: Does It Lead to Reform? A Theoretical Analysis & Case Study Paper in One of Abu Dhabi Private Schools
    (Springer Link, 2023) Ibrahim, Yaser Abdulrahman
    This paper is a theoretical research study examining the feasibility of implementation of skills-based curriculum model as it relates to the UAE in comparison to other countries. Through this Paper, the researcher made a conceptual analysis, revisited the relevant literature, and identified the theoretical framework of curriculum reform in the UAE educational system with a view on the intended development of curriculum from the conventional subject-based model into the more futuristic and aspiring skills-based in Abu Dhabi schooling environment. The results showed that educational authorities in the UAE should place their focus on an enhanced model of skills-based curriculum, generally known in the literature as the “attained curriculum” category, as an enhanced model of skills-based curriculum to achieve meaningful learning.
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    The Education System in Post-conflict Syria – Examining PIRLS as an International Assessment Measure to Ensure the Quality of Students Achievements
    (Springer Link, 2023) Ibrahim, Yaser Abdulrahman
    This paper provides a general contextualisation of assessment and learning criteria and processes within the framework of leadership and management perspective in post-conflict and war affected countries, with Syria as an example. Through this paper the researcher provided an overview of the related academic literature done on the subject as well as evaluating the importance of applying one of the International Assessment Measures (IAMs) as a solution for educational reformation. The paper evaluates the adoption of one assessment measure to support the special and emergency requirements of post-conflict countries such as Syria.
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    Using Nearpod to Promote Engagement in Online ESL Classes: A Mixed-Methods Study in the Context of Higher Education
    (Springer Link, 2023) Alawadhi, Azza; Thabet, Rawy
    Student Response Systems such as Kahoot!, Socrative and Nearpod have become one of the latest trends in teaching and learning across higher education. However, despite the popularity of these platforms, the integration of SRS in teaching is still an evolving field of study. This mixed-methods study draws on undergraduate students’ perceptions of using Nearpod to facilitate teaching and learning in an online English course at a federal higher education institution in the UAE during pandemic teaching. A combination of self-report surveys (N = 90) and in-depth interviews (N = 5) were used to collect data for this study. Findings suggest that students perceived Nearpod to promote fun and enjoyment, enhance knowledge and understanding, and improve classroom dynamics. Results indicate a generally positive response, with 93.3% of students reporting that the instant feedback afforded by Nearpod improved their understanding, while 83.4% reported an increase in interactivity. This study confirms previous findings, suggesting that SRS such as Nearpod could foster effective student engagement, increase participation, and enhance students’ online learning experience. The study also found that there were no significant gender differences in students’ perceptions of Nearpod. Pedagogical implications are further discussed, and future research suggestions are provided.
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    Investigating Emirati Students’ Practices of Learning Block-Based Programming in an Online Learning Context: Evidence from a UAE National Program
    (Springer Link, 2023) Elsawah, Wafaa; Charles, Tendai
    Purpose The primary purpose of this study is to investigate Emirati students’ perceptions about a two-week online programming course. Methodology A mixed-method approach was used to report a two-week program experience in which 913 Emirati students engaged in a programming course. During the program, students’ progress and achievements were observed. At the end of the program, a survey was distributed amongst students for them to report on their perceptions about the experience.
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    A Quantitative Study on the Impact of Online Learning on Reading Comprehension Skills
    (Springer Link, 2023) El Haddad, Ranya Ahmed
    This quantitative study aims to investigate the relationship between e-education and reading comprehension skills acquisition. It also examines if the previous relationship may impact students’ results in the exams. It also analyses the relationship between students’ knowledge in ICT and their perception and acceptance of online education. To collect data, A survey was sent to students to measure their perception of and satisfaction with online learning. Moreover, the marks of 105 students in an on-campus test were compared to the marks of another one they did online during the pandemic. The study agreed with the previous studies that e-learning can impact the reading skills positively and that students are getting aware of its educational benefits. On the other hand, the study did not agree with other studies about students’ knowledge of ICT and how it can positively impact their perception of online education. The study showed that although secondary students have sufficient knowledge of ICT, they do not have positive perceptions of online education.
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    Simulation Study on the Effect of Courtyards Design on Natural Ventilation: The Case Study of a Beauty Centre in Germany
    (Springer Link, 2023) Eid, Bana; Taleb, Hanan M.
    This paper examines how to enhance the indoor environmental quality and thermal comfort in a beauty centre in Germany, by implementing courtyard in the building as a natural ventilation method. The courtyard ventilation method will be discussed in the literature review and will apply it using IES VE computer software with different strategies in different scenarios to achieve the optimum natural ventilation with the best scenario. This will include designing the base case scenario, and next, the HVAC system will be switched off during the summer and apply 3 different strategies with 3 scenarios each to study the effect of natural ventilation of courtyards in terms of energy consumption and thermal comfort and choose the best-case scenario. The winning case scenario is “scenario 8” as it has dropped 2.3 MWh from the total energy based on the base case scenario. Natural ventilation is important as it helps in improving the thermal comfort of the indoor and outdoor environment and controlling the inside temperature along with the air quality and movement. Moreover, it helps in reducing the usage of energy and thus reducing costs. All the strategies, scenarios and simulations were done by the authors using IES VE software.
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    A Sustainable Approach to Improve the Interior Design of Existing Space: The Case of the BUiD Main Lobby
    (Springer Link, 2023) Aloudeh, Rahaf; Elmardi, Manar; Sheta, Wael
    The Interior designers’ role in the built environment is creating spaces that meet the needs of their clients through a process of critical thinking, research, and creative solutions. In addition to considering other aspects such as the client’s health, safety, and wellbeing as well as the environmental impact which is considered a sustainable thinking by the designer. This paper will focus on analysing the interior characteristics for a space in an educational building. The study will thoroughly explore the existing condition of the chosen space, identify and analyse the raw materials, manufacturing methods, transportation, use, maintenance, and disposal of all the furnishings, fixtures, and equipment specified for an interior environment. Subsequently, the proposed strategies and methods will be presented to replace the existing conditions with sustainable alternatives. In addition to propose options for an alternative design that follows more sustainably responsible practices using the life cycle approach, explaining the solutions that could be used to improve sustainability of the chosen building interior space.
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    Summarising a Twitter Feed Using Weighted Frequency
    (Springer Link, 2023) Abohaia, Zina Ahmed; Hassan, Yousef Mamdouh
    Data is growing exponentially every day, with 500 million tweets sent on Twitter alone (Desjardins 2021). Twitter feeds are long, take time to understand, are multilingual, and have multimedia. This makes it difficult to analyse in its raw form so the data needs to be extracted, cleaned, and structured, to be able to be used in research. This paper proposes summarising twitter feeds as a manner of structuring them. The objectives we sought to achieve are: (1) Use the Twitter API to retrieve tweets successfully, (2) Efficiently detect the language of text, and tokenize it to then analyse their content (in its language), (3) Use live tweets as the input instead of a database of tweets, (4) Create the interface as a plugin to make it accessible for computer scientists, and others, alike. We also aimed to test whether using weighted frequency to construct summaries of tweets would be successful, and by conducting a survey to test our results, we have found that our program is seen to be useful, accessible, and efficient at giving summarizations of twitter accounts. Weighted frequency also proved to be good at summarising text of any language, inputted.
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    Preventive Maintenance Using Recycled Asphalt: Review
    (Springer Link, 2023) Al Shehhi, Aishah H. O.; Jokhio, Gul Ahmed; Abu Tair, Abid
    The article addresses the importance of using recycled asphalt with the integration of road maintenance procedures in the road network. The road network is considered the main element of any national infrastructure development plan. The research aims to study and highlight the using recycled asphalt as a suggested sustainable method for road maintenance procedures. Therefore, the study elaborates on the historical use of recycled asphalt, its advantages, and disadvantages. Besides that, maintenance process categories to ensure the suitable type that helps provide the best quality of the network. Since roadway pavement assessment is based on quality as well as different characteristics parameters such as rutting, cracking, pavement quality Index, and roughness in addition to other parameters. The primary method used in this study is the review of existing literature. It can be concluded that the use of recycled asphalt in road maintenance can become a viable and sustainable alternative to current road maintenance practices.
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    Overview of Concrete Deterioration Due to Sulphate Attack and Comparison of Its Requirements in International Codes
    (Springer Link, 2023) Al-Haddad, Diala Basim; Jokhio, Gul Ahmed; Abu Tair, Abid
    Any material or geometric property change that has an impact on structural performance is known as structural deterioration. Although this phenomenon is gradual, if it is not evaluated and fixed in a timely manner, it will have a severe impact on the structure and, in some historical occasions, may result in collapse. Deterioration has a variety of causes and mechanisms. Some are regarded as external, such as the environment, which is critical in areas with tough climate conditions, as the Arab Gulf, where temperatures and humidity are high, another factor is the low quality of the materials and poor craftsmanship. Depending on the type of materials used in the structure and the environment in which it is created, several precaution approaches for structural degradation may be adapted. Sulphate attack is one of the most widespread deteriorating mechanisms; this type of chemical damage can result in cracks, spalling, and disintegration of the structure, diminishing its strength. This paper presents a thorough investigation of this degrading agent, including its causes, effects, international code provisions, as well as recent studies on the subject with a focus on the Arab Gulf Countries. The outcomes of this study demonstrated that this phenomenon, with its various mechanisms, has a negative impact on structures. Despite the distribution of sulphates in the Gulf, the existence of chloride and the precautionary measures taken successfully limited their impact on structures.