Talent Management in the UAE The Potential of Talent Management for Organisation Performance

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Managing talent is one of the most important areas to be studied, and organisations should manage talent strategically. A problem is that many organisations do not yet fully acknowledge Talent Management (TM) concepts and approaches, and although they may know the importance of TM, they are not implementing and practicing it. This research highlights three main issues about talent management. Firstly, it describes what TM is and its definition. Secondly, how its approach is distinctive from Human Resource Management (HRM), and finally how HR can implement TM inside organisations. The research also presents the relationship between TM and performance management in developing employees’ performance. The results prove that TM is an important part of HRM, and leadership must be involved in managing talent in order to enhance performance and reduce TM challenges. The results also show that Emiratisation is presented as a challenge for the private sector to attract and retain talented Emiratis. In conclusion, this research demonstrates the important impact of effective TM on business strategy and HRM in developing and enhancing organisation performance.
talent Management, United Arab Emirates (UAE), organisation performance, Human Resource Management (HRM), employees’ performance, performance management