The Effectiveness of Early College Programs: A Study of College Readiness and Academic Achievement in an American Curriculum School in Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
In the setting of an American curriculum school in Dubai, this study investigates the impact of early college programs in improving college preparedness and academic achievement. The study investigates the influence of these programs on students' academic and professional growth, as well as the obstacles and techniques involved with their implementation. It provides valuable insights by drawing on the perspectives of teachers, students, headteachers, and senior leadership team members. The results demonstrate that early college initiatives, which reduce financial barriers and bridge the high school-to-college transition, enhance students' readiness for postsecondary study. The report does, however, identify issues such as teacher recruitment and the need for enough resources. This study broadens our knowledge about the potential of early college programs in preparing students for successful academic and professional careers, despite its limitations.
American curriculum school, Dubai, early college programs, college preparedness, academic achievement, academic and professional growth, implementation obstacles, teacher recruitment, financial barriers, high school-to-college transition, postsecondary study, educational resources, students' perspectives, teachers' perspectives, headteachers, senior leadership team, educational impact, educational programs, educational research, academic readiness, academic and professional careers