The Impact of Online Practice Reading Using “ReadTheory.Org” on Second Language Learners’ Reading skill Improvement

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Not only do the animals and plants have adaptable tricks, strategies, and natural features to defend their existence during peril, but also the human beings as well. Recently, Covid-19 has changed the life tactics, means, and facets and caused great damage in all sectors, including health, policy, economy, and education. Education has been shifted from physical campuses to be online (Distance learning or Online learning) or blended. The current study conducted in the United Arab Emirates during Covid-19 used a questionnaire to check the impact of Covid-19 on the students’ second language reading skill acquisition using the ReadTheory.Org website. The participants are 50 students who attend grades 4,5,6, and 7. The results reflected many advantages and drawbacks of online learning including saving both teachers’ and students’ time, paying students’ attention.
ReadTheory.Org, second language learners’, reading skill, distance learning, blended learning, intensive reading, extensive reading, United Arab Emirates (UAE), COVID-19