A Comparative Study of Students’ Experiences of Formative and Summative Assessment Types and Students’ Perspectives about Using Them in EFL High Schools in Turkey

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This comparative study reports on the analysis of students’ experiences of summative and formative assessment types in order to come up with new insights based on the probable ways of assessing students in the most efficient and effective ways in EFL classrooms in Turkey. Recent literature was surveyed and the research questions were underpinned accordingly. Qualitative methodology is applied which gives the researcher the opportunities in the most suitable way to assess the learning process with full insights. This systematic research purports to fill the gap in the area of summative and formative assessments in SLA and their effects on students which confines itself to the high schools in Turkey. Data recordings, observations, surveys and semi-structured interviews were used as the reliable tools to measure the positive and negative sides of these assessments in the eyes of the students. Various findings were carefully gathered and discussed according to the process of the investigation and recommendations were supplied by the researcher in the end. The present study overall demonstrates that after having conducted the lessons in two different high schools in Turkey, the formative assessment is favoured by the students more than the summative assessment in terms of many parameters outlined in this research. Students generally tend to be more productive, creative and less stressful throughout the process when assessed in formative ways. Also the way how they are assessed in the process of learning affects their final marks at the end of the course, which highlights the point that students who are assessed formatively during the process have more motivation and they feel more comfortable for the final exams. This supports the idea that formative assessment strategies help students achieve in summative assessment.
summative assessment, formative assessment, EFL classrooms, Turkey, high school