An Investigative Case Study about Meeting the Needs of Students with Dyslexia to Achieve Successful Inclusion in Mainstream schools in the Private Sector in Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This case study aims to investigate the practices of an international mainstream school in Dubai in addressing the academic needs of elementary students with dyslexia in grades (1-5). The researcher used some tools of the qualitative approach in collecting and analysing data to achieve triangulation such as: Observation, interviews, questionnaires and document analysis to have a comprehensive idea about dyslexia regarding assessment and identification, curriculum and extra-curricular activities, interventions and provision, in and out-class support and teachers’ training The results showed that further attention should be paid to dyslexia as an SpLD regarding all the previously mentioned aspects that reflect students’ real points of strengths and weaknesses. Also, the cooperation of the SEND department and all stakeholders involved should be sought to eliminate the confusion whether dyslexia is a disability eligible for a special care or not. Furthermore, the research suggested a recommendation set for more effective practices to be implemented by the Ministry of Education in the UAE, in the school where the case study was conducted and the teachers. Hopefully, this study can add to the existing research that focuses on SEND in the UAE and gives way to more research studies concerning dyslexia in the future.
dyslexia, inclusion, mainstream schools, private sector, United Arab Emirates (UAE)