A case study on how technology allows students to gain better skills and prepare them for transition to the real world

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The research study has been conducted in order to understand the impact of technological interventions, technology-oriented classrooms skills, and building levels among the students. It has also encountered the notion to measuring the extent to which technological methods prepare the students to face the real time, or professional world challenges. The study is accredited as the first initiative in the education sector of Dubai where it has been conducted at a school located in Dubai .A class of 24 students has been considered as the major area of study. The study has adopted pragmatism paradigm where mixed method approach has been implemented by using survey questionnaires , and interviews as the data collection instruments, in order to compare the student’s achievement levels in the last two years. As per the research findings, technology has the power to improve the communication between students and teachers.it is also makes the learning journey more meaningful and interesting. Teachers play the role of advisors and instructors when the students use technological tools to learn, that leads to an interesting learning environment.
Education -- Computer-assisted instruction., Education -- Effect of technological innovations on., technology-oriented classrooms, United Arab Emirates (UAE), education sector, learning environment