Ownership of Generated Total Float

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The ownership of the total float is one of the common disputed subjects in construction projects. With projects varying in terms of nature and complexity, conflicts started arising in projects over the ownership of the total float. This dissertation examines the ownership of total float and the entitlement of the contractor to be compensated once the employer may want to utilize the generated total float. A conclusion was reached after reviewing the available literature. The conclusion has been enhanced through interviewing two experts in the field of construction law. Moreover, the research includes two case studies which are taken from the construction field so as to demonstrate the entitlement of the use of the total float. The main output of the research is that there is a consensus between the interviewed experts that it is more logical that contractor to own the generated total float. Various factors for deciding who owns the total float are identified; the main defined factor was the contract terms and conditions.
total float, extension of time, claims, construction projects, acceleration, law