Investigating the Best Methods to solve linear simultaneous equations and the impact on their high school students' achievement in Algebra: A case study in a private American school in Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Solving linear systems of equations is a common situation in many scientific and technological problems. Many methods either analytical or numerical, have been developed to solve them so, in this paper, I will identify the best method among all the methods which are used to solve the linear system of equations for this we need to define some concepts. The most commonly used general method linear algebra is Gaussian elimination, Gauss Jordan, Crammer's rule method, Gauss Jacobies, and Gauss Seidel methods.. In this paper ,I ,will explain these by taking an example. Also in this paper, I will explain the Researcher’s works that how they explain – different methods by taking a different example. And I worked on using these different methods in solving a single example; finally, I will enquire about the best method among them. In this paper, I will explain the real-life application that how the System of Linear Equation is used in our daily life
critical thinking, teaching strategies, matrix, system of linear equations, rank, high school students', algebra, United Arab Emirates (UAE)