Enhancing classroom management in cycle 2 in Fujairah through the implementation of effective teaching practices and strategies

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This research aims at identifying the most effective strategies and practices to be implemented in improving classroom management in cycle 2 in Fujairah. Qualitative and quantitative analysis have been adopted in the study. In accordance with the former means, observations in classrooms have been conducted in 3 lessons followed by unstructured interviews with 5 teachers to obtain sufficient data in a normal classroom background related to classroom management in terms of practices, strategies and respective elements which can affect the performance as well as to apprehend the visions and experiences from the teachers to be successful in classroom management through the interviews. As for quantitative measures, questionnaires have been designed and distributed to 50 students with a view to reveal better classroom management through the most effective teaching practices, strategies and to further comprehend how the two-important task-related elements - task-based learning and co-operative learning - affect the ultimate results in classroom management. As per the findings of the above research, they reflect certain elements which are closely related to effective classroom management. It is apparent that participation of students is enhanced during lessons where task-based or co-operative approaches are applied. In addition, classroom settings, initiatives, curriculum and the mutual relationship between students and teachers play an important role in positive management of the classroom.
classroom management, Fujairah, United Arab Emirates (UAE), effective teaching practices