Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Startups Business: Evidence form the UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Manuscript type: Empirical Research questions/Issue: How much did the COVID-19 pandemic had an effect on sales ? What was the impact on small & medium businesses ? Were there different results for small businesses than medium sized businesses ? Purpose: There is a plethora of research papers that have been written for the COVID-19 and most research touches on many countries and regions globally, but for the case of the United Arab Emirates there is limited field research studies that have been done for small & medium businesses. The aim and goal for this research paper is the make a thorough examination on the effect of the COVID-19 on sales for SMEs in the UAE. Research Methodology: In this research 170 questions has been asked to decision makers in the SMEs in the UAE by 10 participants and with more than 200 minutes spent interviewing the participants. This research has used a questionnaire in the scope of sales to measure the effect and risks of the pandemic on sales. The data collection method that was used is qualitative study based on semi structured interview. Research Findings/Insights: A positive relationship has been found between the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and SME sales. After the interviews, the findings have unveiled an anomaly for certain industries where their results were the complete opposite of what the majority has experienced. Theoretical/Academic Implications: these findings provide insight for governments procedure toward the crisis and the effect of those procedures on overall businesses and SMEs. Keywords: UAE, SMEs sustainability, COVID-19 lockdown implications, measurability of SME sales in the UAE
SMEs, FINTECH, COVID-19, United Arab Emirates (UAE), startups business, SMEs sustainability, SME sales, eCommerce