Quality Issues In Online Distance Learning

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The objective of this research is to determine the quality issues of online distance learning and explore the factors which affect the quality of online education. The description regarding online distance learning revolves around the concept that it does not take place in a single classroom. However, the learning class takes place across a distance and it has evolved after a traditional history. This study is based on primary data and a survey method has been employed to collect the data of 100 respondents through a structured questionnaire. The research approach in this study has been used of quantitative research as the data is to be collected is of primary nature. The findings of the study suggest the online education is significantly influenced by the quality metrics, technology and the perceived significance in this regard. The study has certain limitations such as sampling bias and selection bias which can change the results of the study potentially. The key recommendations of the study include that working must be done on the adaptability of the eLearning followed by easy access to the online learning material. In addition to these, it has been recommended that eLearning portals must be using simple navigations so that students can understand them accordingly. The future studies can incorporate the effect of COVID-19 as a catalyst in the research model suggested in this study.
distance learning, management leadership and policy, online distance learning