Understanding Individual’s Innovative Behaviours: Integrated Personality Traits and Social Capital Perspective

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The aim of this study is to investigate the antecedents of individuals’ innovative behaviours in the service sector using integrated approach that examines the phenomena from both psychological and sociological perspective. This study has adopted three compound personality traits (Proactive, Intrapreneurial, and Self-monitoring) to be investigated as antecedents of individuals’ innovative behaviours. In addition, network building ability has been selected to be investigated as an antecedent of individuals’ innovative behaviours that represent the social capital perspective. The research will test the effect of network building ability on the relation between the selected personality traits and individuals’ innovative behaviours. Furthermore, the study examines each stage of the individuals’ innovation behaviour as a separate construct (Idea generation, Idea promotion, and Idea realisation) rather than a single construct that combine these three behaviours. A quantitative approach was adopted, and data was collected via survey, structural equation modelling was used to analyse 417 completed questionnaires from employees working in the United Arab Emirates service sector. The study found that high self-monitors were more likely to have high network building ability, which in turn helps in supporting their innovative work behaviour. Hence, the study confirmed that the self-monitoring relationship with individuals’ innovative behaviours is mediated by network building ability. Similar results have been found for the relationship between intrapreneurial personality trait and individuals’ innovative behaviours that is network building mediates the relationship between the two. In terms of proactive personality relationship with individuals’ innovative behaviours, the study found that network building also acts as a mediator of the relationship.
individuals innovative behaviour, individuals personality, personality traits, United Arab Emirates (UAE)