Determinants of Employee Resistance to Change for Optimised Organisational Performance in the UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Employee resistance is one of the most important problems in organization restructuring management. It has a huge impact on how any proposed change initiative in the organization will succeed. Employee’s cooperation with any change initiative is essential for such initiative to be successful. Problem of employee resistance can be very difficult and complex to study and analyze due to several factors and elements affecting the severity of the problem. These factors can expand over a space with large number of dimensions where some dimensions are work-related. This research limits its investigation on factors of employee’s resistance which emerges in work environment because they can be manipulated by management in ways that reduce their negative impact. Experimentation of this research was conducted in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai Municipalities in United Arab Emirates where 192 subjects was involved. Analysis of acquired experimentation data was performed based on advanced numerical tools such as Factor Analysis, Correlation Analysis and Regression Analysis. Supportive Work Environment Variables found to have a positive influence on Resistance to Change. The research found The Influence of Employee Commitment on Resistance to Change is mainly based on Employee Satisfaction and Employee Loyalty. Only Employee Participation cluster found to have a positive influence on Resistance to Change. Further the study found Internal Training cluster have an influence on Resistance to Change. The main contribution of this research in literature is providing a highly-needed investigation on elements affecting employee attitude toward change initiatives. Based on this investigation, policies and practices can be proposed to reduce negative effects of employee resistance to change initiatives. Therefore, these valuable findings will be cornerstones in any solution proposed to handle such issue.
employee resistance, organisational performance, United Arab Emirates (UAE), employee attitude