Facilitating Decisions by Using a Data – Driven - Decision Making for Management Using Business Intelligence Case Study: Social-Services Departments in the Emirate of Sharjah

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Many governmental and private institutions have much data, which are not used properly. Therefore, they are stored for a long period and this leads to using all the servers found there. Modern technology can find links between such data and the way of getting benefit of it. Actually, this helps to get a quick and proper decision. This data is not only for storing but it is also for helping in taking the quick and proper decision based on numbers and statistics. Due to the care of our rulers, the strong base of data and the strategy of the UAE in predicting the future, the UAE can anticipate, analyze and plan the early opportunities and challenges on the long run at all levels to achieve qualitative achievements for serving the state’s interests. The new strategy of the UAE serves the vision of the president and vice-president of the UAE while forming the future government, which aims at getting all the global opportunities and anticipate ten future economic and social challenges. Providing social aids gets much care from our rulers either inside the state or outside it. This research sheds some lights on providing social aids for the UAE citizens in the emirate of Sharjah. It also helps people get familiar with the technique used to provide these aids, people deserving this aid, and the objectives of this department, which help in improving the way of providing these aids. Simply, the definition of the social aids means providing the financial, healthy and social aids. This research focuses on the improvement and acceleration of the technique of providing the financial social aids for three types of people; oldness, widows and handicapped. That is because these kinds of people have the priority in providing aids in the department and they get the ultimate care of our rulers. Data-Driven decision-making approach was used in this research. Data driven refers to activities driven by spurred on by data. However, it is totally different from the data driven by the personal attempts and experiences. This leads to a very strong decision based on proofs rather than feelings. This expression is used mainly in business, but it is also used in so many other fields. Business Intelligence solution was proposed to analyze (12272 records) for the three priority beneficiaries in the provision of cash social assistance, which are, Elderly, Widows and Disabled. The result was the highlight of the major challenges that hamper the delivery of cash social assistance as well as the ability to involve all decision-makers based on accurate data and demonstrate it in an easy to read and accessible manner. By using POWER BI tools which can visualize data and share it through dashboards, online (web view) and mobile applications.
decision making, management, business intelligence, United Arab Emirates (UAE), social-services departments, modern technology, social challenges, economic challenges