Implementation Six Sigma Into Traffic Management System In Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The research concerns the implementation of the Six Sigma in the signal system of Dubai's traffic. This concept has been defined as a statistical tool that has recently become a useful framework for business management. It has assisted in the achievement of quality improvements, reduction of costs, and improvement in the customer loyalty together with the attainment of the desired results for any entity. The research has commenced by giving a brief background study on Dubai with a particular emphasis on the transport system of the country. Because the state plays a host to people with different backgrounds, as well as, cultures, it is imperative for the government of the day to provide an efficient system with it notably being on its agenda. The study has used a criterion of identifying critical methodologies regarding the deterrents of traffic management in Dubai. It has thus limited its scope to the identification of issues around road orientations, traffic signals, geometry together with topography. This would substantially boost the processes towards the creation of a unique transport methodology thus easing traffic congestion and sustaining a likely future. This creates several objectives for conducting the research that includes whether the implementation of the system will reduce road accidents, congestion, travel time and also the cost associated with travel. Lastly, the research has come up with the proposal that the Six Sigma concept should be implemented by Dubai. Its results have shown that the speed of the vehicles particularly at the intersection points has immeasurably led to the occurrence of more accidents. In spite of the above challenges, Dubai has been identified as one of those countries having the best management of their traffic systems thus making a tremendous transformation of the Middle East region. The study also gives some recommendations geared towards the achievement of a systematic, as well as, a disciplined system. Lastly, the study experienced some limitations in coming to the deductions so far made. This is because Dubai has not in itself conducted efficient research on the area. The results drawn from the secondary research may not, as a result, be sophisticated, as well as, accurate.
six sigma, traffic management system, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)