A Study on the Perceptions of UAE Private Secondary School Mathematics Teachers on the Impact of CPD Program Improvement

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Continuous professional development (CPD) comprises a range of learning activities that allow professionals to continue to learn and develop throughout their careers. The growing demand for better improvement in mathematics education and students’ achievement calls for effective CPD. Mathematics teachers need effective CPD programs or activities that enhance their skills and trains them to set high expectations for their students. This study explores secondary mathematics teachers’ perceptions of the impact of conducted CPD program on improving their teaching strategies in implementing the new mathematics curriculum in a private school in Dubai, UAE. A mixed methods approach was used with both quantitative and qualitative methods. The instruments used are the secondary mathematics teacher feedback form (SMTFF), teachers’ reflective journals and interview forms. Participants’ responses revealed that collaboration between teachers and relevance of promoted content should be the main focus of any CPD program. The implications from these key findings explore how different contributions such as continuity and collaboration can be developed to make CPD programs more efficient and relevant. Throughout the study the constant issue that emerged was the need for a paradigm shift in CPD content and methods of delivery to insure that attendees are leaving CPD sessions with useful ideas and activities that are applicable inside their classrooms.
UAE private secondary Sschool, mathematics teachers, Continuous Professional Development (CPD), teaching strategies, teacher perceptions