Transforming School: Role of School Leadership in Managing Educational Change – A Case Study of an American School in Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
My research will focus on the role that school leaders play in school transformation by managing change process generated by the changing face of economies and political agendas in any given country. School leadership needs to skilfully manage change in order to minimize chaos and ensure sustainability of the process. This study will focus on the intricate process of change and resistance management. School leaders need to exhibit distinct and diverse leadership styles, as demanded by the circumstances while leading school communities through the time of intense change. According to Stoll and Fink (1996), school leaders today are faced with countless innovations. New ideas have swamped the education industry, and it is important for school leaders to make sense of change, stability, resistance, meaningful and necessary innovations all at the same time while ensuring the sustainability of such changes. This study will use an American School in Dubai as a case study for the implementation of theoretical concepts; where the current school principal helped establish a culture of change and innovation. The school was established 25 years ago, hence it has a long-standing culture and managing change is a very complex process due to the nature of its context. In particular, I will focus on how the current principal was able to break the status-quo and motivate her team(s) to keep moving forward in the face of intense change.
school leadership, educational change, American School, United Arab Emirates (UAE), school leaders