Investigating the Crucial Role of School Leaders in Nurturing Middle Leaders to Enhance their Performance

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The competence and cooperation of school leaders at all levels are crucial to the efficient operation of educational institutions. This study focuses on the critical role of school leaders (SLs) in developing middle leaders (MLs) to improve their performance in private schools in Sharjah. The study intends to provide insight into the methods, issues, and potential solutions used by school administrators to assist and empower MLs in their positions. The study uses a mixed method research methodology, using questionnaires and interviews to gather information from teachers, SLs and MLs at the selected private schools. The results demonstrate how important it is for SLs to nurture MLs and support them to improve their performance. School administrators understood how critical it is to provide MLs the chance to develop their leadership abilities, and foster teamwork. SLs must provide a supportive climate that facilitate the development and effectiveness of MLs and assigning them decision-making tasks. The study also emphasized the significance of open lines of communication between SLs and MLs. The study suggested potential techniques used by SLs like developing mentorship programs to offer advice and assistance, setting aside time for ML development, and fostering a culture of collaboration and shared leadership. The results highlighted the necessity of continued professional development programs and encouragement for MLs. Educational institutions may build a strong leadership communication channel that supports a positive school culture, increases teacher effectiveness, and ultimately improves student outcomes by realizing the value of ML development. The study's findings add to the body of knowledge on educational leadership and have applications for private schools in Sharjah and elsewhere.
middle leaders, school leaders, performance enhancement