The effectiveness of curriculum modification and delivery using online platforms in the UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
In the past two years, since the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual classes have been one of the primarily used methods in curriculum delivery. Consequently, educators had to make the necessary changes to the curriculum to suit the new dominant method of delivery. With this rise of online learning, more investigated questions arise about the pedagogical efficiency and practicality of educational online platforms and applications. Therefore, this paper aims to focus on the challenges educators and learners face in curriculum modification in virtual classes and its effectiveness in improving the standard of education and enhancing learners’ interaction. To collect contextualized and relevant data the researcher conducted a questionnaire and interviews with teachers and students who use online platforms such as Teams, Zoom, Nearpod, Kahoot, etc in their teaching and learning to investigate the area of study. The results serve to inform stakeholders and educators about the challenges faced when modifying curriculum to suit virtual classes as the main method of delivery. Hence update, modify and reconstruct these platforms about best practices and online teaching and learning theories. The challenges will be described, examples will be given, and potential solutions will be suggested. Although numerous researches have commonly investigated the benefits and challenges of virtual learning, fewer researchers have addressed the connection between virtual classes and curriculum modification and delivery. Nevertheless, the next decade is likely to witness a considerable rise in research on how to modify the curriculum for virtual classes. The author starts this paper with an overview, then a discussion of literary theories that can be correlated to the present curriculum modification in virtual classes. The next section highlights the implication of modifying the curriculum for virtual classes and how it affects the teaching and learning experience. It will also outline some examples of curriculum modification for virtual classes. Finally, it will present the data collection method, participants, research limitations, and findings. Keywords: Virtual Classes, distance learning, e-learning platforms, curriculum modification, curricula delivery
curriculum modification, online platforms, United Arab Emirates (UAE), COVID-19 pandemic, curriculum delivery., teaching and learning, virtual learning, virtual classes, distance learning, e learning platforms
Elhabak, N., 2022. The effectiveness of curriculum modification and delivery using online platforms in the UAE. Dissertation. The British University in Dubai.