A Balanced Approach Towards Teaching the Skills of L2 Reading and Writing to Enhance the Writing Proficiency of Foundation Program Students at Universities in the UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The current study aims to investigate the effectiveness of balancing reading and writing instruction in foundation programs and how that affects learners’ essay writing skills in higher education institutions in the UAE. To achieve this goal, two research questions are formulated to drive the inquiry: What are the foundations program instructors’ perceptions and practices regarding the balance of teaching L2 reading and writing? How does the balance in teaching L2 reading and writing enhance foundation programs learners’ writing performance in higher educational institution in the UAE? In the current study, the mixed methods approach is employed to assess classroom practices to investigate whether there is a balance in teaching reading and writing so as to strengthen the learners’ performance in these two skills; and examines whether these practices improve foundation programs learners’ essay-writing skills in higher education institutions. The quantitative data have been collected from teachers’ questionnaire to answer the first question. The qualitative data have been collected from an experiment that consists of a pre-posttest to answer the research second question. The results of the intervention and the achievement tests, instructors’ questionnaire and interviews revealed that the techniques used in the balanced reading and writing teaching program are suitable for first-year students and can be implemented if the instructors get appropriate training from knowledgeable people.
reading skills. Writing skills, teaching methods, balanced approach