Comparative Analysis of Vocational Education in the UAE, Egypt, and the UK to Develop Proposals for UAE’s Vocational Education

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
By producing knowledgeable and qualified graduates who will meet both the needs of the market and the requirements of the job, vocational education is crucial to the knowledge-based economy and the future plans for nations. There are several arguments and discussions for improving the application of vocational education, but it takes time to make a significant decision. The goal of this study is to compare the vocational education systems in the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Egypt. It will also look at each system's employability, strengths, and flaws as well as its various curricula. Vocational education from the three countries of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom will be analysed and studied as part of the research's comparative examination of several case studies. The study will look into each nation's population to enrolment ratio, youth employability, and the curricula of two representative schools in each nation. The evaluation of patterns of similarities and variations across situations in the instances underpins the comparative analysis's rationale. This kind of analysis seeks to pinpoint causal condition conformations that are necessary for an outcome to exist. The research looks at various technical and vocational institutes in the UAE, the UK, and Egypt, as well as the population of each country, the number of students enrolled in secondary vocational education, the percentage of young people who participate in technical and vocational programs, and the youth labor force participation rate. The researcher has learned that, despite some variations in how the concept of vocational education is implemented, the findings from the sampled vocational education institutes are essentially same. The research emphasizes the necessity of giving vocational education in the UAE greater attention and developing high-standard curricula and regulations that will be adapted to the development of technology and artificial intelligence. Additionally, make the most of the UAE's position as a global hub for technology.
vocational education, curriculum, proposals, weaknesses, strengths, United Arab Emirates (UAE)