Information security strategy for Smart Government in United Arab Emirates – Investigating future effectiveness, threats and vulnerabilities

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
UAE has always aimed to be at par with the changing world, and transforming itself into a smart government was one of the steps. This transformation suggests that the governmental practices, policies and transactions are all transparent and are aligned with the latest technology. However, while the transformation is a step ahead, there is a lacking of Information security strategy in the smart government framework. Information security is an extremely important aspect of smart government as smart government heavily relies on technology- especially the internet and web; and technology is prone to malicious attacks and threats. Loopholes and vulnerabilities provide a chance for hacking and other attacks. This paper has attempted to learn in detail the information security strategy of the UAE through literature review and qualitative analysis. Based on the results, a conceptual framework has been drawn out which suggests the important factors that need to be adopted as well as discussed in order to ensure a strong and robust information security strategy for the smart government of UAE.  
information security strategy, smart Government, United Arab Emirates (UAE)