The Role and Impact of Educational Leadership in Change Management to Improve the Quality of Education in a Private School in Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The fast-paced nature of the world calls for constant change to evolve, especially in education, which leads to the crucial role of educational leadership in identifying aspects that need to be changed and developing concrete plans for them. This study aims to discover the role and impact of educational leadership and change management to improve the quality of education in a private school in Dubai using qualitative and quantitative data collection methods in addition to analysing six school inspection reports from two authorities. Results showed that educational leadership's role in change management drives outstanding academic performance according to the BSO and DSIB inspection reports, with the need to improve the theoretical aspect, and this role reached a high degree from teachers’ perspectives with no apparent differences in the averages of their responses according to the question variables. Furthermore, leaders’ perspectives on how to overcome change management challenges were effective, and the previous studies used have revealed some success factors for change management and uncovered certain gaps. This study provides theoretical and educational implications by demonstrating the positive impact of employing change management models in schools and specifying the role of educational leadership in change management to improve the quality of education. Furthermore, the research provides a social implication as it demonstrates the effectiveness of teamwork in improving education quality. This study enriches the theoretical growth of change management and its practice by Dubai’s school leaders, serving as a valuable resource for those seeking speedy growth through effective change management, where research in this area is limited. Additionally, this research combines three change management models, including Kotter, Lewin, and the ADKAR models.
educational leadership, change management, quality of education, ADKAR model, change resistance