The Effectiveness of Distant Learning On Student Attainment

dc.contributor.advisorDr Tendai Charles
dc.contributor.authorMALHAS, MOHAMMED NASER FAUZY
dc.description.abstractThe objective of the research is to the effectiveness of distance learning in achieving student attainment during the covid-19 pandemic in applied technology school teachers, to develop the aforementioned work, the use of the different means, and methods, which allowed the collection of information to carry out the study of the proposed variables and thus be able to give the necessary support to the present investigation. This is why the methodology used is quantitative, together with the use of bibliographic and field research. The sample that could be collected in this work amounts to 30 teachers, to which the Questionnaire the Distance Education Learning Environments Survey (Sp-DELES) and also the Academic Performance Survey were applied, such instruments were used for this research. It was possible to obtain real data on the new virtual modality and how it influences the academic performance of the students, in addition to this through the theoretical and scientific foundation, the correlation between virtual learning and academic performance during the Covid pandemic was established. Covid-19 in the students of the first baccalaureate of the Educational Unit "Applied technology school.
dc.publisherThe British University in Dubai (BUiD)
dc.titleThe Effectiveness of Distant Learning On Student Attainment