Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions of Critical Thinking of Science Instruction and Lesson Planning in UAE’s Schools

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This study was done to investigate the pre-service science teachers’ perception of critical thinking of science instruction and lesson planning in UAE’s schools. A sample size of 80 female pre-service teachers participated in this study from the College of Science Education in different institutions; UAE University, Ajman University and Higher Colleges of Technology in Fujairah, which offer training courses in different private and public schools in UAE. Mixed methods and analysis of lesson plans were used to find explicit study answers; quantitative method was used to find clear answers and was analyzed with SPSS software program; the qualitative method was used to support the quantitative methods results, contributing to the analysis of the lesson plans from different levels in UAE’ Schools. The following are the main results in this study from the pre-service teachers’ perceptions: (1) The pre-service teachers have approximately the same level of perception about the effect of critical thinking skills on teaching instruction, (2) the pre-service teachers present critical thinking in their science lesson plans in a clear way but they lack the integration of critical thinking skills in an exciting way. (3) The pre-service teachers need more training to raise their experience before getting exposed to the real education environment. In addition, there are no significant differences between pre-service science teachers’ perceptions in different years study and their level of teaching.
Teachers -- Training of., Critical thinking., science instruction, United Arab Emirates (UAE)