Teacher leadership potential: assessment in the light of teachers’ perceptions in UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
There has been a great concern about the leadership roles of teachers and how this effectively contribute to the success of the schools and learners as well. This paper investigates teachers’ perceptions about their potential to be teacher leaders, identifies the main attributes of teacher leadership and explores the main strategies that promote the development of teacher leadership. An online survey study was conducted as a nonexperimental method to answer the research questions with more weight of quantitative than qualitative data. Results show that there is a good potential for teachers to act as leaders who believed that associated abilities of leaders’ ethics and interpersonal skills are the most powerful tools for teacher leadership. This study suggests that policy makers should reduce the demarcation of roles and work on distributing the tasks of teacher leadership among the community of teachers to be included in their job description in order to generate responsible teachers who are able to work and lead more effectively.
Teacher leader (TL), leadership development, dimensions of teacher leadership