Ambidexterity through Project Portfolio Management Resolving paradoxes in organizations

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This thesis aims to build an understanding of how ambidexterity can be achieved in Project Based Organizations (PBOs). Ambidexterity is the organizational ability to simultaneously explore market and exploit knowledge and resources to improve performance and drive through sustainability. This thesis proposes the use of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) practices to show the path to ambidexterity in dynamic, albeit project-based, environments. This study has significant implications for practitioners and scholars. In that, it proposes taking forward project portfolio management practices to establish a link with ambidexterity. This link can offer new methods for practitioners to enhance the performance of PBOs. Moreover, the theoretical outcome of this study generates the substance of a new paradigm shift in this area. This new shift in paradigm can be used as a foundation by scholars to build on for future studies.
Project Based Organizations (PBOs), Project Portfolio Management (PPM), organizational ambidexterity, dynamic capabilities, Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs)