Arbitrators Appointment: Process, Challenges and Remedies

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
This Dissertation objective is to bring more understanding on the mechanism of arbitrator’s appointment process whether by the institutions or by ad-hoc arbitration, shed more light on parties given powers to effect arbitrator’s appointment, investigating the challenges facing the process. This Dissertation also shed more light on the roles of the parties, legislation and arbitrators if the parties fail to agree on an appointed arbitrator, due to disagreement or defective arbitration agreement/clause or challenge the arbitrator’s appointment or jurisdiction. This Dissertation will focus only on two legal jurisdictions and their arbitration institutions and legal framework. The first which is the United Arab Emirates Law & the English Law (England and Wales). It will cover the United Arab Emirates Arbitration Law of 2016 and the older provisions on Arbitration in the UAE Civil Procedure 1992 and the English Arbitration Act of 1996. For institutions I will focus on t arbitration institutions in the UK and UAE.
arbitrators appointment, arbitration institutions, United Arab Emirates (UAE), arbitration, law