Talent Management in the Public Sector: Linking Talent Management and Organisation Transformation

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Rapid changes in the business world have emerged as significant challenges globally. In fact, business today is moving from a revenue focus to being more knowledge based. Hence establishing a stimulating work environment is essential, due to the competitive market. Innovations in products and services require a new set of practices and integrated technology systems. The United Arab Emirates is one of the most developed countries in the Middle East, and is considered as a destination of first choice for many job seekers. To become a strong and sustainable competitor moving towards innovation is important. Dubai has initiated a strategy that is based on innovation in order to transform its current products and services to enhance the overall quality of life and assist businesses to compete on the global scale. Business leaders are now more concerned with attracting and retaining bright and high caliber employees. Thus, Talent Management (TM) is required to ensure that the HR best practices are applied. Although TM is top of the agenda of many practitioners and researchers, it remains a difficult phenomenon to be measured. Its context is the methods of attracting, developing and retaining high potentials, which then reflects on the organization’s performance in both the short and longer term. The research intention of this dissertation is to explore TM in the public sector in UAE. A qualitative approach was implemented to gather the data based on the nature of the study. In-depth interviews were used to capture the participants’ views and perceptions. The dissertation reviews several aspects of talent management such as definition, process, challenges and recommendations for business. The main findings showed that talent management practices are not new in the UAE however, the concept is relatively new. The public sector is still practicing the old fashioned style of HR, hence the innovation strategy of Dubai has set certain guidelines to enhance the process. The UAE nationals are the main target for the organization and the new strategy stresses on the need to invest in talented UAE nationals to be able to drive the transformation forward.
talent management, public sector, organisation transformation, United Arab Emirates (UAE), UAE nationals