The Effect of Using Multiple Digital Platforms to Enhance Formative Assessment and Teacher Feedback in UAE Schools

dc.contributor.advisorDr Emad A. S. Abu-Ayyash
dc.contributor.authorNASSEREDDIN, MAYSA FARID
dc.description.abstractFormative assessments and teacher feedback are essential elements that support the learning process, and using technologies is a demand nowadays. The present study utilized mixed methodology to investigate the teacher's perception of using multiple educational platforms in formative assessment, the quality of feedback, and the opportunities and challenges of using these platforms in public schools in Abu Dhabi. In recent years, technology in the classroom has changed how teachers manage assessments and give student feedback. Due to the development of several digital educational platforms, educators can access various tools and materials that help improve formative assessment techniques and feedback. Both quantitative (Teachers Questionnaire) and qualitative (Teachers Interviews) instruments were used in the study simultaneously. However, the data analysis maintained the two threads apart. After that, a thorough grasp of teacher beliefs about formative assessment and feedback using platforms was developed using the two sets of results derived from the questionnaire and interviews. The results of this research showed how using multi-platform for formative assessment allows teachers to design dynamic learning environments that engage students, encourage active learning, and support continual development by leveraging various digital tools and platforms. These platforms provide higher productivity, better lesson planning, and improved learning process. Teachers can save time and effort when using the ready assessments, and they can use the analysis and track students' learning progress through the platforms. Feedback could be provided to students employing platforms focusing on specific areas of improvement and offering constructive suggestions for enhancement based on students' level in different types of feedback. On the other hand, Teachers must be updated and investigate the available digital resources to improve teaching methods and deliver direct individualized feedback. Find alternative ways to complete assessments virtually to overcome exam reliability issues and test characteristics problems.
dc.publisherThe British University in Dubai (BUiD)
dc.subjectdigital platforms, formative assessment, teacher feedback, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
dc.titleThe Effect of Using Multiple Digital Platforms to Enhance Formative Assessment and Teacher Feedback in UAE Schools