The Identification Process & Tools for Gifted and Talented Students: Research on Five inclusive government schools in Ajman to study the areas of identification process tools utilized to screen for gifted and talented students in primary schools

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
With the increase focus on innovation and creativity, the Giftedness Education has become embedded with the UAE government’s future strategies. The United Arab Emirates has announced year 2015 as a year of innovation. This has indicated a new parameter in the country to drive the force towards gifted and talented individuals. This has been clearly stated on the ground when the country has reformed and introduced new ministers in the UAE cabinet in February 2016. The UAE has become the first country in the region to allocate a minister of happiness, a minister of youth affairs and a minister of tolerance (Khaleej Times, 2016). The new ministers in the UAE are aged between 22 to 38 years old only, the youthful heart of the UAE is looking for new gifted and talented Emaraty individuals to lead the country. These rapid changes occurring in the country in establishing new ministers and attracting young talented leaders has to be one of the reasons to give more attention to studies and researches related to giftedness and talents. Gifted and talented which falls under special needs category was clearly identified and introduced in the Ministry of Education in the UAE and in Abu Dhabi Education Council. The purpose of this research journey was to give a comprehensive study on the early intervention to identify young gifted and talented students in primary level. Teachers were informally interviewed about their opinion and attitude on the current tools and services provided for young gifted and talented students in primary schools. The study gathered the information via visiting five primary inclusive schools in the UAE in the city of Ajman. Findings showed that schools differs from one another regarding the leadership oppositions and the resources provided for gifted and talented students. Furthermore, the inclusion of gifted and talented students in the schools is vague and not well stated in the educational system in the UAE. Recommendations were made to improve the services and resources for gifted and talented students and to give more training to the SEN teachers.
gifted and talented students, primary government schools, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Ministry of Education, UAE, inclusive schools, Ajman