The Influence of 'Teachers’ Leadership Style' on Primary Students’ Learning Outcomes in a Private School in Sharjah, UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Nowadays, there is a perceptible consideration towards teachers’ leadership styles. Different types of research on educational leadership signify that transformational leadership style, particularly charismatic leadership, is considered as a catalyst for enhancing the results of students. Educators play a vital part in the learning process of both the school as an organization and students of the school. Also, high enthusiasm for learning shows positive learning in the classroom. In the primary level, students are more affected by the charisma of their teachers. This research investigates the influence of 'Teachers’ Leadership Style' on primary students’ learning outcomes. A qualitative approach was used through semi-structured interviews with fourteen participants; participants were three Heads of departments, six primary teachers, and five parents who reported on their instructors’ leadership in addition to their classroom behavior and learning. Findings suggest that the participants believe that there is a positive link between teachers’ charismatic leadership style and students’ achievement. Additionally, the results indicate that there are a variety of crucial factors that might have a direct effect on linking between teachers’ style and students’ results.
transformational teacher leadership, charismatic leadership, United Arab Emirates (UAE), student outcomes, teacher’s qualifications