Corporate Social Responsibility in the UAE Construction and Education Sectors

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Society, environment and community in the United Arab Emirates have experienced the impact of industrialization and globalization over the last few decades. This has provided grounds for businesses in the United Arab Emirates to construct a close relationship between corporation, state and society which implies the relevance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This dissertation investigates the perception, policies and practices and the relevance of CSR which is a relatively new concept to the country. The samples selected for the study are taken from the construction and education sectors with a combination of local, expatriate and joint venture businesses. The research focuses on stakeholder management as well as investigates topics such as benchmarking, factors that motive individuals and businesses to practice CSR including small and medium enterprises operating in the UAE. In-depth interviews are the main method of data collection. Thematic and quantitative content analysis was used to evaluate selected research propositions designed by the researcher to explore and understand the new CSR policies and practices and identify how they are implemented in the organizations studied. The dissertation concludes there is evidence for some CSR practices and CSR policies being promoted and supported within the region.
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), stakeholders, benchmarking, drivers, values