Impact of Teaching Conversation Skills to a Child with Autism at a Therapy Center in Dubai – Case Study.

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Conversational deficiencies are frequently seen in people with developmental disorders, such as autism spectrum disorder. To teach conversational skills, we employed behavioral skill training. We planned for generalization in the untrained home context with peers and utilized a script-fading package to educate a child with autism to begin social contact across varied activities in the school setting. It was noted that social initiations gradually rose once the script-fading package was introduced. Also, the impacts of the script-fading package extended to peers, parents, caregivers, and an unskilled home environment. By illustrating the transfer of social initiations from the school context with peers to the home environment with siblings, this study builds on earlier studies. This study examines how conversation skills can be taught using scripts and fading the same. The researcher conducted the study with the help of questionnaires, semi-structured interviews, and direct observation. The script fading technique helped to increase conversation and social skills, however, the generalization of these skills was not attained.
autism, Dubai, teaching conversation, social skills, United Arab Emirates (UAE)