The impact of Alef Platform on students’ performance at Al Asayel School in Abu Dhabi, UAE

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
As times and people are changing so should processes and systems. One thing that all experts can agree on is that, driven by technological advancements, the global economy is transforming at a rapid pace and there is need for education to keep up with this transformation. Jobs and most importantly people who are hired for those jobs will need to have very different capabilities in the future. Careers will change and will require that employees be creative, innovative and have expertise in interpersonal communication. Professions will no longer need people to “do” but will require employees to “think” and think outside the box. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be an important contributor to this expected revolution. AI is progressively making it possible for machines to do the jobs of humans. AI is the enabler for many elements in this transforming economy hence it is expected to play a significant role in the paradigm shift in education. To answer the call to attempt to transform education, Asayel School in Abu, Dhabi UAE has implemented the Alef Program. Alef’s digital learning platform is powered by start-of-art technologies that are designed to support learning and to provide education in a way that students can learn based on their needs. The aim of this quantitative research study is to investigate whether the Alef platform enhances student performance at the Al Asayel School by measuring students’ motivation, engagement and performance.
Artificial Intelligence (AI), motivation, engagement, digital learning, digital literacy, technology in education, learning outcomes