The Impact of Citizenship Education in Nurturing Students’ Positive Behaviours: Exploring the Perceptions of Students in a Private School in Dubai

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
The major focus of this study is to analyse the impacts of citizenship education (CE) in enhancing positive behaviour among students in Dubai. A research gap exists in finding the role of CE in the UAE; therefore, this study will focus on its impacts on student behaviour. Different key theories will be considered in research including the Education Theory of Global Citizenship and the Social Theory of Global Citizenship. The study uses a case study approach to explore different perceptions of nurturing positive behaviour through CE. The key findings of the research include that CE helps learners improve their interpersonal capabilities and behaviour. The study’s implications will include enhancing learning as a conditioned reflect action and the importance of group learning. The study’s limitations include the application of the questionnaire’s effect, the limited time frame, and limited responses. Further, the study will only focus on one institution and generalizes the importance of CE, which has implications for the quality of findings. The study claims that CE is an important element that can enhance learners’ achievement. Lastly, it is concluded that CE increases learning, making important decisions, and improving personal learning.
citizenship education, positive student behaviour, global citizenship, problem-based models, curricular transportation, United Arab Emirates (UAE), private school