Studying the Effects of Listening to Quran on Human Mood

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The British University in Dubai (BUiD)
Many Muslims believe that listening to their holy book Quran, has an effect on their state of mind or mood. Each Surah of Quran emphasizes on a unique topic, warns of wrong doings and provides the correct way of handling a particular situation. A person waiting for a job interview or promotion who often becomes frustrated can listen or read Surahs that may help him feel better. There has been no work done that attempted to study the e ects of Quran on the mood of people. Furthermore, when people are in a tough situation or in a bad mood,they seldom think about listening or reading Quran. In these situations if there is a device with them that can detect their mood and suggest a particular surah, it can help them feel better. This dissertation presents a proof-of-concept mobile application that can run on any Java enabled phone, which takes user's feedback on Surahs, stores the feedback for further analysis and provides a simple suggestion mechanism.
holy book Quran, human mood